And so it ends, nearly a year of travelling is over. And what a year it’s been! Got so many fond memories of places I’ve been and all the amazing people I’ve met. This adventure surely wouldn’t have been nowhere as good without all of you, so thanks for all the fun times we’ve shared. It truly has been a remarkable experience, and with a very healthy refill of new impulses.

Throughout the year, I’ve had about 130 sessions of surfing. It’s taken me from absolute beginner to intermediate, but more importantly, it’s been heaps of fun šŸ™‚ I’m definitely a little sad that I have to put it aside now. I’ll miss being out there, and the thrill of joy when catching waves. Going to have to find an opportunity to get back in the water sometime soon.

The journey has been running pretty smoothly. The list of unpleasant surprises has been short. I’ve only suffered minor injuries, and barely been sick over the last year. That I’ve avoided food-poisening and bed-bugs alltogether, I find pretty remarkable. Got lucky, I guess šŸ™‚

Going back to Norway, I really look forward to seeing family and friends again. Some Norwegian food and nature is also most welcome, and I look forward to picking up the hammer and getting back into track & field šŸ™‚ Private space has been sparse over the last year, so that I will enjoy too. I’ve lived in about 90 different hostels, motels, hotels, and private homes since I left! So getting settled for a while in one place, will be good. It’s not going to hurt having an income again either, and I’m excited to see what my future career will bring of experiences and learning.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog! I hope it’s been somewhat inspiring and fun, and hopefully you can apply the information provided if you plan on going to some of the same places.

Happy travels and hang loose! šŸ™‚

Arch of water

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