Since my route from Costa Rica to Norway went through Chicago anyway, I decided to grab the opportunity and spend a few days in the city. It’s the third largest American city, with a population of about 10 million people (suburbs included). Let’s start with a photo of the skyline:


As you can see the city’s situated on the waterfront, being that of Lake Michigan. It has a length of 494 km and a width of 190 km, so I guess there’s no wonder it’s kind of hard to see across it 😉


I’m staying in a neighbourhood called Wrigley, a little north of downtown. It’s a pretty nice area with small shops, cafés, and some parks. It’s also quite close to the waterfront. The weather was nice today when I took these photos, but besides that it’s been raining heavily here.



The timing for visiting Chicago was good with regards to one of the largest sporting events in the US, the Stanley Cup, as the home team Blackhawks won yesterday. Thousands upon thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate, and it got wild very quick. It surely was an interesting mob phenomenom to observe, as I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t act that way if they were in a small group. Most were just happy, some were singing/ yelling/ screaming at the top of their lungs, while some became “happily destructive”, if there’s such a term. They smashed bottles, sent up fireworks in the middle of the crowd (some of the firework went into the crowd instead), and climbed up on trafficlights etc. So, it didn’t take long before a bunch of police arrived, and they ended up breaking up the crowd before things got completely out of hand. It sure was a cool thing to experience though, got a video of it.

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