Jaco and return to Tamarindo

Been spending a few days in Jaco, which is located only a ten minute drive north of Playa Hermosa as mentioned in the previous post. I’ve been on my own since last Saturday, as my travel mate Eivind had to return to Norway due to disease in his family. So, we parted after travelling for about 11 months together. It’s been a great adventure with a great friend! So I’ll just finish up the last couple of weeks on my own. Yeah, this trip’s coming to an end really soon.

The surf in Jaco has been pretty average. The swell has been there, up to ten feet surf even, which is the problem, since Jaco doesn’t seem to handle large swell very well.The result is often major close outs (when the wave pretty much collapses in one piece, in case you’re not familiar with the lingo). Here’s Playa Jaco at low tide (it works best at high tide).


As you may have noticed from the photo, dark clouds are looming in the horizon. That’s no coincidence as the rain season has started here now. The pattern seems to be that during daytime it usually holds up and there’s some sun, but in the evening it comes pouring down hard! And the rain is often accompanied by severe lightning and thunder. Still though, nice of the rain to stick to the night for the most part 🙂


Yesterday I took the bus back up to Tamarindo, and checked in at the same hostel we stayed at earlier (the Pura Vida), and I even rented the same board I had a week and a half ago. It’s such a good board. I know you’ve probably seen it before, but it’s definitely worth looking at again 😉


Had an evening session at Playa Langosta after I arrived yesterday. It’s about a 35 minute walk from Tamarindo to the spot. You got to go down a dirt road, then down to the beach, and then you have to wade across a rivermouth. The river has crocodiles in it but they usually stay further up the river. Still, I’m fairly certain everyone takes an extra look before wading across 😉 It takes about 30 seconds to cross, and you walk further along the beach for about ten minutes to get to the sweet spot. Had a good session there 🙂 Will go again tomorrow morning. It’s a high tide spot, due to some rocks sticking up here and there.

Thought I’d wrap up this post with a photo of my room at the Room 2 Board hostel I stayed at in Jaco. Nice hostel and really friendly staff, btw. It just goes to show how life is like living out of a backpack. Please excuse the mess, that’s how I roll these days 😉IMG_2755

3 thoughts on “Jaco and return to Tamarindo

  1. Quick question. What bus did you use between Jaco and Tamarindo. I’m making the same trip on Monday July 13 — looking for least expensive transport option.

    • Hey Al 🙂 I took the Greyhound bus. It costs $49,- There are also other companies, I believe one is called Easy Ride who will make the drive for the same price. However, the least expensive option would be the public bus. I’ve heard that would cost about $15, but it would probably take you all day, as I don’t think it goes directly from Jaco to Tamarindo, so you’d have to switch buses. Safe travels!

      • Thanks very much. Greyhound probably worth the extra cost. Looking forward to some snorkeling in Tamarindo. Cheers.

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