Playa Hermosa

On Sunday we took an express bus from Tamarindo to Playa Hermosa. The ticket cost $49,- per person and the ride took about six hours. That’s including the one hour we had to wait for a new bus as our first broke down. It quite simply stopped and wouldn’t start again. No worries though, we enjoyed the time outside to stretch our legs a bit 🙂


The drive took us through some nice scenery, a mix of farmland and forests.


We even stopped and saw some crocodiles below a bridge. I was a little alarmed to see a boot next to this large croc!


Despite it being some sort of asphalt for most of the ride, the roads here are pretty bumpy, so we arrived “shaken, not stirred” in the surf town of Playa Hermosa 😉

Tamarindo to Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is a 7 km long black sand beach, and is known to be ultra consistent, but also an advanced spot for surfing. The waves here are really powerful! Nevertheless, we looked at the forecast and decided to give it a shot. On Monday and Tuesday we enjoyed some of our best surfing on this trip. The waves were ranging from 4 to 8 feet, and although not all of them were easy to catch, we still got some really good ones. Had a couple of long rides were I had to jump off right before the shorebreak to avoid crashing on the beach.



However, on Wednesday the swell picked up and the waves were reaching heights up to 10 feet. And with about twenty seconds intervals between each one, the power in those big waves became massive. We looked at the conditions from the beach for about ten minutes and decided it was best to stay out. When in doubt, don’t go in. Went for a run instead to burn off some energy. Same conditions today (Thursday) at Playa Hermosa, so had a decent session at another spot called Playa Jaco instead.

We’re living comfortably here in Playa Hermosa, as we rented this sweet villa for $90 a day. The villa’s located right on the edge of the forest, so we’re slowly getting accustomed to the sounds and the life of the jungle, like hearing weird bird calls and having frogs jump around our legs at night 🙂


Besides, it’s been three of us staying here, as my friend Carly came down for a few days. Good times, let’s wrap up this post with a selfie from the beach 🙂


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