Cold water surfing and family reunion

Here’s a little update on some recent activities. First, we met up with my second cousin Jahn who took us surfing on his home turf: Westport on the Washington coast. Here are the boys lined up and ready to go šŸ™‚


Got no GoPro video to show for though… My new camera (Hero 4 silver) which you might recall I bought in Hawaii only a month and a half ago, is acting up. The screen on the back sometimes goes purple, and sometimes it goes pitch black. I’ve been in touch with the GoPro support team, and this fault appears to be happening to some of the cameras of this model. Not happy at all with it, but at least the support team promises that if the solutions for fixing it (such as downloading new software) don’t solve the problem, I’ll get a new camera. This is the only photo I got from the session.

On Westport Beach

The session was quite an experience. With water temperatures of about 12 degrees celsius (53 Fahrenheit) we had to rent gloves and booties. Still it felt cold with our wetsuits. What was really different was the feeling of paddling with gloves. I guess the ones we rented were pretty cheap models, and they filled up with water, and it felt like paddling with weights in our hands! Not very comfortable. The conditions on the day we went out were average, pretty bumpy out there. The crowd was non-existent though, and little wind also helped. It was still fun to be out there, but after about an hour and a half I was so cold I had to get back up. Think I started suffering from hypothermia actually, I found my focus slipping and I felt light headed in a weird way. However, it was all in all a very good experience as I know what cold water surfing feels like now. And I sawĀ a seal out there! It popped up about ten meters in front of me to say hello, and then disappeared again. Very cool šŸ™‚

Another highlight from the last week was visiting my old host family from when I went to High School in Oregon. My host mom wasn’t there unfortunately as she was over in Hawaii, but I did get to meet the rest of the family. Currently they’re living outside of Junction City.


We had a very active and fun weekend with them. Went to a trampoline park, a water park, watched part of the High School District Championship in track & field, and hung out in their house and played video games. And enjoyed good food together. Here’s my host dad Kevin and his daughter Devin preparing pizza for us šŸ™‚


And here’s the whole gang gathered around the dinner table.


Now we’re heading back down to California for a few of days. This fine piece of machinery (Ford Taurus) is our rental car. The surfboards fit perfectly inside along with all our luggage. Thinking back to the motorbikes we rented in the Phillipines makes it even more comfortable šŸ˜‰

IMG_2661 Ā 

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