San Francisco

The road has taken us up the Californian coast, to San Francisco. It’s my fourth time here, and there’s a reason why I keep coming back. I reckon it’s one of the nicest American cities. Love the certain style of neighbourhoods that is so prominient around the city, it’s fairly safe here (except from a few shady areas downtown), there’s heaps of things to do, and the geographical location provides fresh air from the sea on a daily basis.

Furthermore, got really lucky with the choice of accommodation this time. Found this hostel up at Fort Mason (close to Fisherman’s wharf), which is essentially an old army barrack which has been transformed into a fine shelter for wanderers and globetrotters. Great location, friendly staff, clean enough, and reasonable prices. Look for this hostel next time you’re in town!


The hostel also offers the occasional organized trip. Such as the other day, we rented bikes and went riding across the Golden Gate. By the way, did you know that the American Army wanted to paint it black and yellow and call it Bumble Bee bridge? Wonder if this landmark would have been equally famous if that had been the outcome? šŸ˜‰


Here’s the gang from the hostel giving their spinners a break after crossing Golden Gate. We then had lunch down by the water and took the ferry back.


On the ferry back, a funny episode occured. A fellow working on the ferry picked up that I spoke Norwegian, as he knew a little. We started chatting, and then it turns out his wife is from the same valley in Norway that my mom is from, Gausdal. This made my new friend, Karl, very excited! He had been to Gausdal several times and could name several places there I know of, such as Svingvold, and it even turned out I know some people he does. Karl’s wife had lived in Gausdal until she was twelve years old, and Karl called her up for me to talk Norwegian with her. Pretty hilarious, I found. In addition I was invited in to meet the Captain of the ferry. Quite a scene, and a most enjoyable acquaintance. We ended up taking a photo together šŸ™‚


I’ve also been exploring the city a bit on my own, such as yesterday when I walked over to Telegraph Hill. Went up to see the Coit Tower, pictured here:


The walk up to the tower is rather steep, but as often, the view is worth the climb. Here overlooking downtown on this fine sunny day.


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