The Canggu Surf Hostel

For the last week we’ve been staying at the Canggu Surf Hostel, a welcoming place with a lot of backpackers and chill atmosphere. Been surfing pretty much every day at either Old Man’s or Brawa Beach. Had one day in particular where I caught ten waves altogether that was pretty good, besides that it’s been a lot of paddling and laundry out there. Other events worth taking note of would be that my iPhone got stolen, and now I’ve got to deal with the whole insurance-deal, so that’s a bummer.  Also got pulled over by the corrupt police twice, but was able to get away with it a lot cheaper this time (150.000 for Eivind and me combined). And this morning when I was going to move my board, I found a snake resting underneath it. Turned out to be a small cobra, so we got a hold of Dode, the guy who runs the hostel, and he sorted it out with a few of the hostel’s guests as excited spectators 🙂

IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0986

IMG_0992 IMG_0994


3 thoughts on “The Canggu Surf Hostel

  1. Hei Kjetil. Det var leit å høre at telefonen er stjålet. Får du ordnet med ny? Trenger du hjelp til å få tak i nytt sim-kort? Du har vel fortsatt tvillingkortet. Har kommet til Hardangervidda nå, var bare 8 grader her oppe. Været er litt skiftende, vært en del byger i dag. Får håpe at det holder oppe så jeg får malt. Håper det står bra til! Hilsen pappa.

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