Getting my shots

If taking vaccines were a computer game, I’ve beaten it thoroughly! Recently I’ve had no less than four visits at the nurse to get the shots I need to prepare my body for all sorts of nasty diseases out there. The shots cover everything from polio to hepatitis A+B. I’ve also taken the rabies-vaccine, so I guess I can pet any stray dog I see now 😉Getting a shot

In addition to the shots, I’ve had to take some pills for typhoid fever, not to mention an oral vaccine for cholera. The nurse told me it would taste like raspberry juice. Let me tell you this, that raspberry must have been grown right outside of Chernobyl, it was nasty stuff. But hey, it’s good to be on the safe side and to be well covered. This all brings me one step closer to departure, only two weeks left now 🙂

My vaccine book

Tickets are booked!

Okay, time to bring this blog to life! 

Tickets are now booked, and we leave in less than a month (July 3rd). Pretty crazy!

All in all, the travel route is pretty much the same as the original plan, but we’ve added New Zealand as a destination. 

This gives us the following programme: Bali – Japan – Philippines – Australia – New Zealand – Hawaii – American west coast – Texas – Costa Rica. I reckon we’ll be having quite a year 🙂

We ended up booking tickets through Star Alliance, as we wanted flexible dates. This means that the route is fixed, but we can change travel dates without extra costs. It did cost us a little more (41.266 Norwegian kroner in total to be exact), but it’s worth a lot to have the freedom to make adjustments as we go along.